BESSEMER     1962     Diamond Jubilee Half Dollar 











                                            9/14/13   Mintage 15,000, catalog value         $3.50. Starting price 99¢ plus $3.00 shipping There were no bids, and it was not relisted.


1/5/14   About uncirculated. Started off at     $2.99 with FREE shipping, it drew 4 bids and sold for $7.38.



8/4/16   The starting bid was too high, at $8.25, and even with FREE shipping and four consecutive weeks on Ebay, it failed to find a bid.



CHEROKEE COUNTY     1961     Cherokee County Civil War Centennial Half Dollar                                                 9/26/16  Cherokee County.  1961 Civil War Centennial.  Mintage 5,000.  Catalog value $6.50. The auction was for an about     uncirculated example that started at $9.95     plus $1.25.  There were two bids by two     bidders and the token sold for $15.35.



11/2/16   This auction was for a lot of four of these, all circulated, XF and AU, and with a     start price of $25.95 plus $3.25 shipping.      There were no bids, and the lot was not relisted.



MOBILE       1961      250th Anniversary Half Dollar - Six Flags Logo Version  



8/26/13   Mintage 5,000 and catalog value $3.00. Offered for $8.50 opening bid and $1.95 shipping.  Too high. There were no bids. Offered for 5 additional weeks at the same price before the seller gave up and ended the listing.





2/13/16   Up for bid starting at $13.95 plus $1.95 shipping.  No bids.  Since that time it has been available as a Buy It Now item for the same cost. Still available, with the current listing ending on March 29.



1/8/17   Encapsulated and graded MS64 by NGC.  Offered for an opening bid of $15.00 plus $4.00 shipping.  There were no bids for two weeks so the seller lowered the start to $8.00 plus $4.00.  This attracted two bidders, one at the $8.00 start and another bidder who won the lot for the next increment, $8.50, and who had placed an additional bid which turned out to be unnecessary.


2/13/17   Offered for 99¢ plus $3.49 shipping, this one did not sell the first week it was on Ebay, but did find a single bidder during its second listing.



MOBILE     1961    250th Anniversary Half Dollar     Jean Baptiste Lemoyne Version  



11/24/14   Mintage 5,000.  Catalog value $3.00.  Up for bid at $6.99 with FREE shipping.  When it didn’t sell, it was placed in the sellers store at a higher price - $8.00, still with the FREE shipping.  That went on for a month or so, until the seller finally ended the listing unsold on December 27.





MOBILE     250th Anniversary Half Dollar     1961    Pierre Lemoyne Version  


8/16/13   Mintage 5,000 and catalog value $3.00.  This was a well worn example maybe very fine, probably extremely fine. Dark and unappealing.  Offered for $5.99 plus $1.50 shipping. No bids.


                                       9/14/13   The start was just 99¢, but the     $3.00 shipping fee apparently discouraged anyone from bidding.



1/22/17   Offered at $2.99 plus $1.00 shipping, a reasonable cost for this nice specimen, but it failed to attract a single bid.




MOBILE     250th Anniversary Half Dollar     1961    Rafael Semmes Version  


12/13/14   Mintage 5,000.  Catalog value $3.00.  This type comes in both coin       (up/down) and medal (up/up) orientation.  No telling which this was from the photographs, but neither variety seems significantly scarcer than the other.  This piece had a really high $19.95 plus $1.95 start, and it wasn’t even uncirculated, so I was not surprised that it received no bids.  It was relisted as a Buy It Now item at $14.95 plus $1.95 and is still looking for a                home.  The current listing ends on April                23, 2015.



1/14/15  Up for bid at a starting price of $4.99 plus $2.00 shipping.  No bids.  Offered two more weeks before being placed in the Sellers Store for the same price. Still there in mid March.








MONTGOMERY     Civil War Centennial     1961  


1/9/13   Goldene. With a very large mintage of 30,000, this piece is readily obtainable.  However the Confederate Half Dollar replica on the obverse and the Civil War theme makes it perennially popular.  There always seem to be buyers for these Confederacy related pieces at reasonable prices. I would think $3.50 to $4.00 would be its current value to a MTC collector, but this uncirculated specimen was offered for $6.95 plus $1.95 shipping and did get the             one necessary bid to sell at that price.



4/2/13   Choice Uncirculated. A popular Civil War Centennial issue.  Start was 99¢ with FREE shipping. There were four bidders and the pushed the selling price up to $3.50 - a buck more than what I catalog it for. I admire this ebay seller - fredweinberg - because he starts everything at 99¢ and postage is FREE. He generally deals in major mint errors, but sometimes sells other exonumia as well.


4/13/13   Choice Uncirculated. Start was $1.50 plus $2.07 shipping. Four bids by three bidders pushed it up to $5.00. Mintage 30,000. Catalog value $2.50.


5/30/13   Very common for a municipal token, with a mintage of 30,000 and a catalog value of $2.50. Start was $6.99 plus $1.00 shipping. There were 3 bidders and it sold for $9.28. See what can happen to the values of "common" MTCs when just a few people are looking for them? Be warned, guys, and get the ones you want while you can - they won't stay cheap forever!


6/1/13   Worn and dark - grade XF or so. This one opened at $2.00 plus $4.00 shipping and there were 15 bidders who pushed the sale price up to $26.21. Wow!


7/14/13   Another choice uncirculated piece. Starting bid was $9.95 plus $2.07 shipping. It sold to a single bidder.


7/29/13   Offered at an opening price of $19.99 plus $2.57 shipping, it was sold to a single bidder at that amount. Another example of a really high price for this common issue.


7/31/13   Two days ago one of these in the same condition sold for $19.99 plus $2.57 shipping, but this one with a start price of $3.00 plus $2.50 shipping did not attract even a single bid. So, what is it worth - $20 or less than $3? My catalog value of $2.50 tells you exactly what I think. You go and pay whatever you want, but you won't find this issue hard to locate.


10/13/13   The common 30,000 piece issue, this time selling at a bargain price. The start: 99¢ with FREE shipping but after two bidders had their way with it, it sold for $1.25.


2/7/16   An especially common MTC which often brings high prices because of local demand.  This one, a bright Uncirculated one with a bit of obverse spotting, opened and sold for the opening bid of $10.00 plus $2.54 shipping.


2/20/16   Alabama, Montgomery. This one, just a bare shade from Uncirculated, started at $5.00 plus $2.54 shipping, attracted 3 bids, and sold for $7.00.


9/5/16   1961 Civil War Centennial Half Dollar in Extremely Fine condition.  Offered for a start of $6.99 + $2.60 shipping.  Surprisingly, there were 2 bids and it sold for $8.00.


10/25/16   1961 Civil War Centennial Half Dollar.  Start was $5.99 plus $2.99 shipping.  No bids.  Not relisted. 



11/15/16   This one was in a slab-sized plastic holder, but not one issued by any of the grading services.  The seller noted that the coin was Uncirculated, but slightly spotty, but the out-of-focus images did not reveal any spots.  The start was $7.99 plus $2.62 shipping.  There were 4 bids by 2 bidders, and it ended up selling for $11.50.  



MONTGOMERY    1961     Civil War Centennial Half Dollar Silver Plated.   


                    6/25/17   Unknown mintage.  Catalog value $15.00.  This specimen was a lightly       circulated AU and had lost the brilliant     silver coloration of the uncirculated ones,     but still was an attractive dull silver/gray.      t started at $1.99, attracted 6 bids from 3     bidders, and sold for $24.50.  Described     by the seller as “White Metal”   




(MONTGOMERY)     (1961)     Civil War Centennial Obverse.   


                               4/20/17   The reverse, usually with the     redemption information, blank within the     usual raised rim.  Actually used on a             number of MTCs, this one will be listed         under Montgomery Alabama because that         is the first listing in the book utilizing it.      This is a Wendell’s issue, an they did a       uniface version with several of their issues                                

- Fort Morgan, Colorado, Minnesota Centennial issues, and the Oregon Centennial and the Sioux Falls Dakota Territory Centennial issues are the ones that come to mind, all of which are listed as uniface pieces in the catalog.  This is the first of these I have come across and I placed an aggressive bid, which really was not necessary as it sold for just $16.06 after a 99¢ plus $2.75 start and 9 bids by 5 bidders.  I thought that was a real bargain!



MUSCLE SHOALS     1961     Civil War Centennial Half Dollar 


                               1/21/13   Another of those Confederate     issues, this coin with a mintage of 10,000     is readily available but easily sold on     Ebay. This slightly used example was offered for 99¢.  There were 17 bids - mostly two bidders battling it out - and it finally ended at $12.25 plus a $2.50 shipping charge. Worth a couple bucks used, maybe $5 if it were                                       uncirculated.


6/4/13   With the current interest in items relating to the Civil War, I am keeping a closer watch on these issues. This one is quite common: Mintage 10,000 and Catalog Value of $3.50. Sometimes these bring very high prices, but this one didn't. This choice Uncirculated example started - and ended-at just 99¢, plus a very reasonable $1.00 for shipping.


9/17/15   Start was $15.00 plus $3.54 shipping.  No bids.  Relisted weekly at the same start until October 14, when the seller ended the listing unsold.



11/23/16   Offered for a starting bid of $35.00 plus $2.62 shipping.  That is a huge price for a common token, easily obtainable in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, and this was in a worn XF     


7/10/17   North Dakota, Minot.  Official Commemorative Collector’s Coin, numbered version (#806) in white metal, 1994 to 2002 complete.  Sold to a single bidder at the $9.99 plus $3.99 opening bid. condition with no luster left!  There have been no bids yet, but the seller must be determined because it is still available in his store in late January.  But at least that crazy high price has been changed - it has become a Buy It Now item which has been raised to $39.00!  A quick search shows that apparently only one other is available on Ebay right now, an uncirculated one priced at $35.00 or Best Offer.  If I just had to have one right now, I think I’d chose the Uncirculated one for $35.00 (or less) before I would buy the well used one for $39.00.  My best advice to a buyer would be to wait.  10,000 is a high mintage for a MTC, and a specimen will show up before too long at a reasonable cost. 


2/1/17   This XF/AU copy had a start of $6.55 plus $2.35, and sold for $8.77 after two bids from 2 bidders.


5/12/13   Extremely Fine with no gilting left.  Mintage 10,000.  Catalog value $3.50.  Very popular with Confederacy and Civil War collectors.  Formerly an Auction item, this one is now a Buy It Now item currently priced at $35.00 plus $2.67.  The price may seem high, but this piece has an astounding 12 watchers - probably waiting for another price reduction.  I don’t know why they would go for this one as there is another one in Uncirculated condition coming up with a $2.99 (plus $6.87!) start that does not have a bid, or even a single watcher yet.  I have noted many times before that these MTCs that are typically found in Uncirculated condition sometimes bring much more if they are well used - they just don’t look so modern is my guess as to why.


6/13/17   This one opened at $4.00. received 3 bids from 2 bidders, and sold for $10.76.  Postage was an additional $2.75.



TUSKALOOSA     1969      Sesquicentennial Half Dollar   


                               9/20/13   Scarce, cataloging $10.00. This       was a real bargain sold to a single bidder       at the 99¢ opening bid. Shipping $2.00.

                               7/15/14   Unknown mintage.  Catalog     value $10.00, but probably dropping down         to $7.50.  This one was started at $4.99       plus $2.00 shipping. I was the only bidder.


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